It  can  buy  a  House ,

But  not  a  Home .
It  can  buy  a  Bed ,
But  not  Sleep .
It  can  buy  a  Clock ,
But  not  Time .

It  can  buy  you  Friends ,
But  not  Love .
It  can  buy  you  a  Book ,
But  not  Knowledge .
It  can  buy  Food ,
But  not  an Appetite

It  can  buy  you  Medicine ,
But  not  Health .
It  can  buy  you  Blood ,
But  not  Life



Money  has  different  names
In a temple or church, it's called a donation.
In school, it's called tuition.
In marriage, it's called dowry.
In divorce, it's called alimony.
When you owe someone, it's called debt.
When you pay the government, it's called a tax.
In court, it's called fines.
Civil servant retirees, it's called pension.
Employer to workers, it's called salary.
Master to subordinates, it's called wages.
To children, it's called an allowance.
When you borrow from a bank, it's called a loan.
When you offer a good service, it's called tips.
To kidnappers, it's called a ransom.
Illegally received in the name of service, it's called a bribe.

The question is
When a husband gives to his wife,  what do we call it  ?
Money given to your wife is called  DUTY,
and every man has to do his duty,

because  wives  are   not duty-free !