" Every  79  seconds,  a  thief  steals  someone's  identity,  opens  accounts  in  the  victims  name 
and  goes  on  a  spending  spree. "
CBSnews.com (01-25-2004)

A security breach has occurred at a third-party processor of payment card transactions that affects over 40 million card accounts, Mastercard International said Friday.  13.9 million were MasterCard-branded cards, which include Maestro and Cirrus, and 22 million were Visa cards.  - June 18, 2005.

Target confirmed on 12-19-2013, credit card and debit card information for 40 million of its customers during the crush of the holiday shopping season.

Identity  Theft  is  on  the  Rise

Bank  of  America

1.2  million  Federal  Employees

Social  Security  and  Account  Numbers

Citi Financial

3.9 million U.S. customers

Computer tapes containing Social Security numbers and payment histories have been lost


145,000 Personal  Records
Social  Security  Numbers  and  Credit  Information


 Thief steals laptop computer
Contained information on 98,000 individuals


Social Security numbers and the addresses of 310,000 people may have been stolen from databases
Boeing Co.
A laptop computer was stolen
Containing names, social security numbers and other sensitive information of 161,000 current and former employees

There  are  two  types  of  identity  fraud

  1. True  name  -  refers  to  an  individual  having  their  credit  information  taken  and  used  by  another
  2. Non-true  name  -  refers  to  fictitious  information  being  submitted  on  the  credit  application