Disc capacity

DVD-video Blu-ray
DVD5s, also known as
"single layer DVDs"
DVD9s, also known as
"double layer DVDs"
single-layer (4.7GB)
dual-layer (8.5GB)
single-layer (25GB)
dual-layer (50GB)

Maximum data transfer
rate for movie playback

11 Mbps 54 Mbps

Players & Recorders

720x486 non-square pixels
720x576 non-square pixels


Screen Resolution



horizontal  x  vertical pixels

1280 x 720

1920 x 1080


Free software to rip and backup your DVDs

How to save youtube videos to your computer
  1. Open windows explorer and go to Tools > Folder Options > View and select the options "Show hidden files and folders" and de-select "Hide protected Operating system files"
  2. Open "My Computer" open "Documents and Settings" directory(mostly in C drive) and open the directory corresponds to your User name.
  3. Open Local Settings > Temporary Internet Files >  directory
  4. Delete all the files in this directory(You can actually avoid this step, this step is just to make your job easy, to easily identify the file which we have to download)
  5. Open youtube.com website and open the video you want to save.
  6. Play the complete video once
  7. Go to the "Temporary Internet Files" directory, You can see many files that are part of the WebPages you opened recently saved in this directory
  8. Copy the entire directory to Desktop or some other location as your search will be easy if the directory is copied to new location
  9. Open the new directory, and check each files. The video file you are looking for will be in size of MB's(depends on the length of video)and with an extension ".flv"
  10. Open all the shortlisted files with a flv player