Live  to  learn
Lessons  for  Life Learn  to  live

  1. Creator and Redeemer
  2. You don't have to pay to avail time
  3. Time value of Money
  4. Money has different names
  5. Happy shopping
  6. The gift of life
  7. Love of wisdom
  8. To love and be loved
  9. A friend in need is a friend indeed
  10. Love story
  11. Finding true love
  12. Rules for a Happy Marriage
  13. Rules of relationships
  14. A house divided against itself cannot stand
  15. Live in hope, love in peace
  16. Life is a beautiful journey not a destination
  17. Betrayal can cause emotional distress
  18. Lost Love
  19. Unlocked your heart
  20. Love when you're ready, not when you're lonely
  21. Mental toughness is essential to success
  22. Humor and Laughter
  23. Happiness is a method of  life
  24. Life is about having a good time
  25. Rules of life
  26. Art of living
  27. The purpose of life
  28. I've learned
  29. Love Honesty Truth Respect
  30. Be thankful for all the troubles you don't have
  31. Gratitude for friendship
  32. Keep calm
  33. Discipline
  34. Karma
  35. Life goes on
  36. A person of principles or a principled person
  37. Make peace with your broken pieces
  38. Don't quit
  39. Self-reliant
  40. Surprise yourself everyday with your own courage
  41. Winners and Losers
  42. Grow in life
  43. Live your life and forget your age
  44. Actions speak louder than words
  45. If I could
  46. Reading and Learning
  47. One page Bible
  48. Biblical studies
  49. The Lord's Prayer
  50. St. Francis' Peace Prayer
  51. Serenity Prayer
  52. Footprints vs. Butt prints
  53. Church humor
  54. Never forget the hands that raised you
  55. Rest In Peace
  56. Every season serves a purpose
  57. An expression of greeting
  58. To travel is to live
  59. Mind and illusion
  60. Energy is the essence of life
  61. Queen of The Night Epiphyllum

Life is a book. Every day a new page.
Every month there is a new chapter,
Every year there is a new series.

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