Inspirational  Bible  Verses

Thank God for giving me life, Jesus for giving me health, and the Lord for keeping me safe.

I follow Him because He is the wisdom of the wise.
He never leave me and never forsake me.

When I fall He lifts me up
When I fail He forgives
When I am weak He is strong
When I am lost He is the way
When I am afraid He is my courage
When I stumble He steadies me
When I am hurt He heals me
When I am broken He mends me
When I am hungry He feeds me
When I face trials He is with me
When I face persecution He shields me
When I face problems He comforts me
When I face loss He provides for me
When I face death He carries me home
 I am His and He is mine.


I believe in the sun, even when I cannot see it shining.
I believe in love, even when I can't feel it.
And I believe in God, even when he is silent.

I believe in God not because my parents told me, not because the church told me, but because I've experienced His goodness and mercy myself.